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Dr. Begovic at Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference

I had the privilege of volunteering at Maria Shriver’s Modern House Call as part of her 2010 Women’s conference this Saturday and Sunday. It was truly a pleasure working with all the other volunteers who shared my passion for helping women with their health care needs. The majority of the women I saw in the health care clinic hadn’t seen


October 27, 2010

Get your body back after childbirth!

As a female plastic surgeon, many of my girlfriends who have recently had children ask me how they can “get their body back.” I’m planning on having a baby within the next few years and as a fitness model, I am super body conscious…so trust me ladies – I understand your concerns. Most of the changes that moms want to


October 17, 2010

Gynecomastia 411

Gynecomastia, enlarged breast tissue in males, can be very emotionally devastating. My patients tell me they feel embarrassed by their “man boobs” and have to wear oversized clothing. They wear t-shirts in the pool and at the beach. Overall their enlarged breast tissue makes them extremely self-conscious. 1. Who does it affect? Gyencomastia is most frequently seen in teenage boys


October 4, 2010

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