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Say goodbye to flappy flabby arms!

Published on December 21, 2010 by

Does your upper arm keep swinging after you wave goodbye? Most women who have gained or lost a significant amount of weight have this problem. However, even fit women have upper arm fat that just won’t go away – myself included! Don’t worry about having to deal with all this arm flapping forever. For mild cases in otherwise fit patients

Do breast implants need to be changed every 10 years?

Published on December 15, 2010 by

Just last week, at least 4 or 5 of my girlfriends who have breast implants asked me this question. I’m not sure how this idea started, but most women think that their breast implants need to be changed routinely. This is not the case – really, implants only need to be removed and replaced if there is a problem. In

The importance of a pre-op history and physical exam

Published on December 15, 2010 by

Before performing any procedure, minor or major, my number one priority is the patient’s safety. An important part of the process is a pre-op medical clearance. I make sure an internist checks each patient’s complete medical history and physical condition. I do this to make sure that he or she is healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia. I also personally