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Archive for January, 2012

Liposuction revision

I was recently on “The Doctors” TV show where I performed a revision surgery on a patient who had liposuction previously and was left with significant asymmetries. In the last few months, I’ve taken care of many patients who needed their previous surgery fixed. The severity of their problems ranged from subtle contour irregularities to noticeable asymmetries including shelves or


January 17, 2012

Dr. Cat in Fitness RX magazine and on the Doctors TV show

In Fitness RX magazine this month, I talk about skin health. I review the basics on skin aging and discuss vitamins and oral supplements that can help improve the appearance of the skin. I’ve attached the full article below for those of you who are interested in reading! Skin health, Fitness RX   Also, this Friday Jan 13, I perform


January 12, 2012

Plastic Surgery Before or After the Baby?

I saw a patient in my office last week who is planning on having a baby soon but wanted to have cosmetic surgery. She wanted to know if it was better to have surgery before or after her baby. In general, with any cosmetic procedure, especially when it comes to body contouring, it is best that your weight is stable


January 5, 2012

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