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Category : Plastic Surgery Safety

Breast feeding and breast implants

breast feeding, breast augmentation I recently spoke with a friend who is a newborn ICU nurse who asked me whether or not woman were able to breast feed after breast augmentation surgery. She told me that the nurses in her hospital were not encouraging post breast augmentation patients to breastfeed because they thought they weren’t able to. In a study


October 27, 2012

Unsafe injection practices – don’t share Botox or Filler syringes!

I’ve had several patients come into the office asking me if they can share a syringe of Juvederm with a friend. Apparently this un-safe practice of sharing syringes has been occurring in several offices to save money. However, I want to emphasize to anyone getting injections of any kind that it is unsafe to share syringes even if the needle


August 8, 2012

Common liposuction questions – from my patients

With summer coming up – I’ve been performing A LOT of liposuction procedures the last few months! I’ve had the same few questions come up multiple times from my patients. Here is a quick Q & A of the most common questions. Q. If I gain weight after liposuction will I need it again? A. Your body genetically has a


April 14, 2011

Allergan Confidence Plus and Mentor Standard Advantage – Breast implant warranty programs

Women, who have or intend to get breast implants, should be aware that they are covered by warranty programs offered by companies who manufacture them. That means that if you get implants from them, they will help cover fees and give you a lifetime product replacement option. I have breast implants so this information gives me peace of mind. Once


January 9, 2011

Do breast implants need to be changed every 10 years?

Just last week, at least 4 or 5 of my girlfriends who have breast implants asked me this question. I’m not sure how this idea started, but most women think that their breast implants need to be changed routinely. This is not the case – really, implants only need to be removed and replaced if there is a problem. In


December 15, 2010

The importance of a pre-op history and physical exam

Before performing any procedure, minor or major, my number one priority is the patient’s safety. An important part of the process is a pre-op medical clearance. I make sure an internist checks each patient’s complete medical history and physical condition. I do this to make sure that he or she is healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia. I also personally


December 15, 2010

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