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Revision Liposuction with Fat Grafting

Published on August 21, 2017 by

Although much of my practice is cosmetic, 20% of it I consider to be reconstructive or bringing back a patient to normal after disfigurement.  As many of you have seen on Snapchat, I perform a lot of revision liposuction procedures with fat grafting. Liposuction is more than just removing fat – it is also about reshaping and creating a natural and smooth looking result.  

Lipo, when performed unevenly or too aggressively can result in asymmetries, irregularities, lumps, or dents that can be traumatizing for patients.  I have some patients who can even see lumps through their clothes, can never wear a bikini, or refuse to ever wear short sleeves (like this patient above). Whereas they initially they hoped to have surgery to look better, they ended up looking worse.  I have developed a technique that greatly improves these irregularities.  My patients come from all over the world and I consider it a privilege to be able to help them.

Liposuction must be performed skillfully, technically precise, and must shape the body with gently curves and blend into surrounding areas seamlessly.

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