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Tummy Tuck with Liposuction of the Waist and Mons

Published onSeptember 25, 2017 by

How incredible does this woman look? I performed a tummy tuck with liposuction of the waist and mons. For tummy tucks, I think the most important issues are the belly button, the tummy tuck scar and the recovery. I shape and contour the abdomen as well as perform a special belly button technique that creates a beautiful and natural looking “innie”, and I secure the tummy tuck incision super low – I often have patients bring an underwear or bikini bottom the day of surgery that they want to be able to wear and I hide the scar under it. A layered and meticulous closure is important to make the scar a super thin line.

Also with a gentle technique there is little to no bleeding and most of my patients are walking a few hours after surgery and take only a day or two of prescription pain medication. The attention to every little detail helps create a beautiful, natural looking abdomen with the goal for every one of my tummy tuck patients to have an amazing experience and recovery and feel confident showing their abdomen!

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