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Botox On Younger Patients

Published onSeptember 3, 2018 by

Botox On Younger Patients

I believe that Botox and fillers should be done in a way that looks natural. Botox on younger patients is used to prevent the formation of deep wrinkles. Since it prevents the muscles from contracting and wrinkling the skin like a piece of paper that is folded over and over again, Botox helps prevent these deep creases from forming. I have personally used Botox for wrinkle prevention since my mid-20’s. It can be placed in a way that still allows movement and doesn’t look overly frozen or heavy. Fillers can be used to enhance the face. They should never be obvious and the first thing someone thinks when they see you should not be that you had fillers. They can be used to augment the lips or provide a better shape without looking overly stretched or duck-like. I tailor the treatment to each individual’s anatomy and desired look – Botox and fillers are a technical art.

Placing Botox and fillers requires the same meticulous attention to detail as any surgical procedure. Communication, understanding the look a patient is trying to achieve, and creating a custom plan based on each person’s anatomy is extremely important like inĀ @sabrinareese case in this video. Sabrina is a TV News personality and wanted to have a natural look. She wanted to have a smooth and polished appearance on camera but still be able to be expressive and natural looking. Because Botox and fillers seem to be everywhere – even in your local strip mall – many people take it for granted as easy or simple. Botox and filler are technical arts and they should make people look like a refreshed, refined, or more glam version of themselves. They shouldn’t distort the anatomy in a way that makes someone have crazy joker eyebrows, oversized duck lips, or chipmunk cheeks that don’t move. When performed correctly and artfully, they can take years off of or add a beautiful smooth glow to someone’s face.

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