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About Breast Implant Revision Surgeries

Published on September 14, 2016 by

All About Breast Implant Revision Surgeries

Breast implant revision surgeries are some of the most challenging surgeries I perform. Often times my patients present with recurrent scar tissue (capsular contracture) making the breasts hard and painful, asymmetry, the implants falling into the armpit because the original pocket was too big, or bottoming out – the implant falling down onto the abdominal skin. Each patient must be approached with a detailed understanding of their anatomy and with detailed surgical planning. I always tell my patients that their very first breast augmentation surgery is the most important in order to avoid these complications.

I specialize also in revision breast surgery on women in fitness. Because of their increased muscle mass, repetitive exercises that affect implants, and also that they are usually very lean with little breast tissue, these cases are uniquely challenging. Because I am also in the fitness industry and have a deep understanding of the types of exercises and competition training, I am able to tailor each surgery to the individual and their fitness goals.

This patient had recurrent capsular contracture resulting in a distorted and firm right breast, asymmetric muscle detachment and overly expanded pockets. She had many previous surgeries. I removed the old implants and the old scar which was contracted and causing pain, repaired the lateral pocket so the implants didn’t fall into the armpit anymore, repaired and sewed down the muscle, created a new implant pocket and replaced them with textured shaped implants. She looks amazing and has no exercise restrictions – Dr. Cat

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