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Breast Implant Complications

Published on January 15, 2018 by

Breast Implant

Technical Steps To Reduce Breast Implant Surgery Complications

When performing breast implant surgery, there are many specific technical steps I take to reduce complications like capsular contracture – when hard scar tissue forms around implants. One of these is using the Keller funnel with all of my silicone implants. Capsular contracture has been associated with bacterial microfilm on the implant. The sterile Keller funnel allows for a “no touch” placement of the silicone implant directly into the pocket (the implant doesn’t even touch the skin). This has been shown to decrease bacterial contamination. Also, compared to traditional methods of using fingers to force the implant into the pocket, the Keller funnel places less force on the implant shell, which I personally think increases its longevity. Because the funnel, which is specially coated so the implant slips into place, makes it easier and less traumatic to the tissues to place the implant, I can make smaller scars and patients have less bruising and pain after surgery.

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