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Breast Implants With A Lift

Published on February 5, 2018 by

Breast Implants With A Lift

Breast Implants Not Only About Having Large Breasts

This patient had deflation of her breasts after pregnancy. She told me she always had to wear a padded push up bra and really wanted to feel comfortable in a bikini. She had breast implants with a lift (breast augmentation 325 cc silicone implants with vertical mastopexy), which allowed her to feel great even without a bra. Breast augmentation is more than just getting bigger boobs – it is something that makes many women feel more feminine, more confident, and enjoy their life more.

I know the struggle – before I got my breast implants, I always had to wear some sort of push up bra or padding and backless dresses or anything with a tied back were out of the question. I felt limited by the clothes I felt comfortable wearing, especially bikinis. Most of my patients feel freedom after their breast implant surgery – freedom to wear anything they want without having to worry about the bra. It’s also not only about having large breasts, since many of my patients opt for small implants to have some shape since they are completely flat. Whatever the look – from small and natural to very full and more “fake” – every surgery is catered exactly to each individual patient’s desires, concerns, and lifestyles. Women should never feel bad or be criticized for doing things for themselves to feel prettier, sexier, or more confident. For most of my patients (and myself) it was one of best decisions they made.

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