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Complex Liposuction Revision Surgery

Published on September 18, 2017 by

Complex Liposuction Revision Surgery and Implant Removal

Liposuction Revision Surgery – Fixing Flawed Lipo

This patient had previous liposuction from another surgeon which resulted in irregularities and indentations of her abdomen and arms. She also has capsular contracture of her right breast implant placed by another surgeon resulting in significant discomfort and asymmetry. I will be performing a revision by harvesting fat from her upper and mid back, removing the irregular lumps, breaking up the scar tissue, and grafting the indentations and areas that were over suctioned. I will also be removing both implants as well as removing all the scar tissue around it.

Revisions are always extremely challenging because of the damage and scar tissues created by the previous surgery. They require extreme technical skill and meticulous attention to detail. Revisions are never able to accomplish perfect results the way a properly performed surgery could have the first time, but the goal is to improve the overall contour and aesthetics.

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