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My Cosmetic Procedures

Published on April 2, 2018 by

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I am very open with my patients on the cosmetic procedures I’ve had done. I have had breast augmentation and liposuction of my inner thighs and knees about 15 years ago, and I have routinely been doing Botox since my 20’s. I remember before my breast augmentation having to struggle with clothes and padded bras and being self conscious in a bikini.

Implants really helped me feel more feminine and confident and was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I was always thin and exercised but had proportionately more little pockets of fat at my inner knees and thighs that I hated and liposuction helped create a better shape and Barbie gap. I still have had to work out just as hard to stay in shape but the curve of my leg is so much better. And starting Botox young has really kept me looking young. It’s like a piece of paper – if you keep folding it and folding it it makes a deep crease – Botox keeps you from folding the paper and making a crease.

Scientific studies performed on twins where one twin did Botox routinely and the other didn’t show that after 20 years, the twin that had done Botox looked significantly younger with fewer wrinkles. It’s preventative and a quick office procedure that can keep you from needing a facelift or forehead lift.

Being a plastic surgery patient myself, I feel, makes me a better surgeon. I understand the issues women have and struggle with, as well as the look they are trying to achieve. I also treat every patient and pay attention to every detail just the way I would want for myself. In fact, having a less than ideal experience trying to explain things to a male plastic surgeon and also feeling terribly self conscious was one of the things that motivated me to become a plastic surgeon.

Love your body, but never feel bad wanting to look your best.

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