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Do Your Research Before Picking The Best Plastic Surgeon

Published on September 12, 2016 by

Do Your Research Before Picking The Best Plastic Surgeon

The importance of choosing the best Plastic Surgeon

Happy Monday. This is a very important post so please take a moment to read it. Plastic Surgery like any other surgery is very serious and nothing that should be taken for granted just because it is elective surgery. A huge percentage of the procedures I perform are revisions from earlier surgeries performed by other surgeons. Revisions are more complex procedures and take more time, effort, and the risk is higher. I can correct and improve many things, but sometimes there is scarring or damage that cannot be repaired. Therefore, PLEASE do your research before you pick your Plastic Surgeon regardless of how big or small the procedure is. Always make sure they are board certified in Plastic Surgery – not just in a surgical specialty, or in cosmetic surgery, or in many cases not even surgery at all. By law, any doctor is allowed to perform cosmetic surgery even if they didn’t complete any training, even if they didn’t complete their residency, even if they aren’t a surgeon, and even in some states can be a dentist or PA. Make sure they have extensive experience with the procedure you are having performed, as well as credentials such as schooling and surgery training. Look at before and after photos and read patient reviews and most of all, take the time to go to the consultation and get to know the surgeon, their techniques, and the way they care for patients. You are making a serious investment in your body, something that creates permanent changes, so don’t cut corners and have any regrets. – Dr. Cat

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