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Fat: Natural Filler In Cosmetic Surgery

Published on November 20, 2017 by

Fat: Natural Filler In Cosmetic Surgery

As I have mentioned before, fat can be a very valuable natural filler in cosmetic surgery. I use it for grafting to areas like the buttocks to build volume or to create a better shape. It can also be used in revision liposuction cases to fill in dents or hollow areas. It’s natural, it’s safe (when done correctly) and it is lasting. The total in that bucket from my surgery on Friday is about 2.5 liters (60 cc of fat in each syringe) that I removed from an area that my patient didn’t want fat (her waist and back) and I moved it to (you guessed right) her buttocks with a unique and gentle BBL technique that I have developed over the last few years. Today I am performing the same procedure on a smaller patient who also wants to have an hourglass shape. Make sure to check @beautybydrcat IG stories and snaps to watch the complete procedure.

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