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Follow Your Dreams – Achieve Something Great

Published onJuly 9, 2018 by

Follow Your Dreams - Achieve Something Great

Follow Your Dreams and What You Truly Want In Life

We all have that time in life where we reach a crossroad – giving up something good to achieve something great. The left photo is me after winning Miss Boston. I was told by the program directors that I would likely win Miss Massachusetts and they expected me to take a year off of school to meet those obligations and wanted me to sign a contract promising that. Shortly after the win multiple modeling, acting, and endorsement opportunities were presented to me. Although it was an amazing opportunity at the moment, I knew if I said yes to any of those, my dream of being a doctor would likely end there as I had just been accepted to and was starting medical school that very same year. Luckily, I took a deep breath, looked deep within myself and what I truly wanted in life and what was important to me. I took a 180 degree turn and went in a completely different direction – I gave up my crown and pageant title. Many people thought I was crazy to give up those opportunities. Today, looking back at this photo I’m beyond happy that I made that decision. I could have been successful if I chose the other path as well but it would bother me a lot if I wasn’t dressed in a lab coat in that photo to the right. I would have probably asked myself today, “what if I had continued what I thought was my destiny and became a doctor.” Never regret making a good decision when you feel deep within you that’s what you truly want and need to do regardless of how good everything else you have going on at the moment may seem. Have a great week ahead IG fam ❤️

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