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Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries

Published onSeptember 24, 2018 by

Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries

Someone once asked me why I haven’t had a rhinoplasty myself because my nose looked “too asian” and “wasn’t pretty”. Even though I have undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries, I would never want to change my nose because it would make me feel like I was changing my identity,  even though my nose may not fit the “ideal nose” proportions and measurements.

True beauty has little to do with size, weight, how wide someone’s nose is, or any other elements used as measuring sticks to define attractiveness according to contemporary ideals. Venus De Milo and the Mona Lisa have always been considered beautiful; yet, their features are not traditionally beautiful. You don’t have to alter yourself because the society says so. Let go of the concept that you need to modify yourself in order to be considered attractive.

In order to increase your self-esteem, you can use makeup, clothing, or anything that makes you feel beautiful and happy. Don’t use them to hide yourself, use them to celebrate yourself.  Celebrate the joy of color, creativity, and the individuality that fashion and makeup can provide, but think of it in terms of a complementary, playful addition to your style. Likewise, if you want to eat healthy and workout, do so because you want to be physically strong and feel great. Part of the reason that most diets don’t work long term is that losing weight for the wrong reason engenders a feeling of misery. It’s painful to feel as though you are unacceptable and must make attempts to be considered satisfactory. This is also why I advise many patients not to get liposuction or other cosmetic procedures if they don’t do it for the right reasons. Part of my job as a plastic surgeon is assessing whether or not someone is an appropriate candidate for plastic surgery – not just physically, but more important, mentally.

You can only become happy with the way you look if you stop thinking about yourself negatively. When that occurs, remember how genuine beauty is not always fashionable or trendy. Also, make choices in your life with the desire to be joyful since joy creates light from within that radiates beauty throughout your life.

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