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Plastic Surgery Procedure Good Christmas Present?

Published on December 18, 2017 by

Does Plastic Surgery Procedure Make a Good Christmas Present?

Does Plastic Surgery Procedure Make a Good Christmas Present?

Have you been wondering whether or not it would be acceptable to get someone a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure as a Christmas present? This month, I have had many friends and husbands purchase gift certificates for their loved ones as presents, so it seems that it’s become socially acceptable. Botox, lip injections, liposuction, and mommy makeovers seem to be on many women’s Christmas wish list. Many times, husbands and wives had come in together for a consultation for a procedure just to get information and then the husband called back to book the surgery as a present. I have a lot of daughters gift procedures to their moms and many times they come in together for office procedures like Botox or facial fillers
Considering that Botox usually costs a few hundred dollars and other plastic surgery procedures in the thousands – it is a very generous gift! Obviously when it comes to suggesting someone improve their appearance, discretion is recommended. Even for my friends and family, I often start the sentence with ,”Not that you need anything…” However, if a friend or family member had been wanting something, talked about it openly, but perhaps couldn’t afford it, plastic surgery might make a great present. If so, swing by the office and pick up a gift certificate 🙂

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