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Arm Revision Liposuction Surgery

Published on August 28, 2017 by

Arm Revision Liposuction Surgery

Revision liposuction surgery of the arms, liposuction of the upper and mid back, fat grafting to arm dents.

This patient had previous liposuction of her arms by another surgeon which was performed extremely irregularly. She has a large chunk of fat of the upper arm creating a shelf and then an oversuctioned scooped out section. I will be revising the arms by taking down the shelf of fat and then grafting the large indentation using fat from the upper and mid back. This will help the arm look more even. smoother and less obvious that she had surgery. Because she had laser liposuction with subsequent external laser treatments she will like have a lot of scar tissue.

I tell patients that their first liposuction procedure is the MOST important. When performed skillfully with artistry and meticulous technique and talent, liposuction creates a beautiful, natural, smooth shape. Once irregularities or dents are created, it is impossible to have a completely even result and the revision surgeries are often complicated by pre-existing scar.

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