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A true sculpturist

Published on April 19, 2014 by

Dr. Begovic is beyond fantastic. All the reviews read prior to meeting her, do not provide sufficient credit for her marvelous work and professionalism.

As a surgeon, I found her to be detailed, precised, and meticulous. A true sculpturist. I first contacted her through Facebook and within an hour she had replied. I was astonished to see how she quickly answered and showed her interest in helping me regain my confidence and figure. At that moment, I knew she was my surgeon to go.

Two months after, I went from NYC to LA to see her. Her patient care is superb. She has maintained constant communication with me and has provided a genuine care of my satisfaction and well-being. In 2010, I went to the Dominican Republic to have lipo- sculpture. Unfortunately, the surgeon in the Dominican Republic was very aggressive and I was left with lots of ridges on my abdomen, over-suction places and lots of scar tissues.

Dr. Begovic performed a lipo-revision of my full abdomen and flanks. She was very detailed in looking at my body and even during the surgery she ensured that she could target anything that was bothering me. She worked persistently and hard (almost broke her hand) to ensure that she removed as much scar tissue as she could. She also did some fat grafting to fill in the holes. She ensured that I had realistic expectations of my results and explained with detail the procedure. After the surgery, I had my first visit, and the results were. I cried of joy and happiness. It has been three days since my surgery and I can attest that her dedication and perfectionist demeanor has made me “perfect”. Thank you Dr. Begovic! I am forever grateful!

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