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Treating Tummy Tuck Scars Within Six Months

Published on February 20, 2018 by

Tummy Tuck Scars

Some of the most common requests I receive focus on removing excess or unwanted fat from the body. For a majority of these concerns, I perform liposuction, which is designed to remove fat and reshape parts of the body.

Other popular procedures I perform are designed to reshape, augment or enhance parts of the body, like tummy tuck, breast augmentation or buttock enhancements. Although the list of additional procedures I perform is lengthy, the one thing that all of the procedures I mentioned above have in common is that they all require one or more incisions and all have the potential to result in scarring. I believe that the closure of surgical incisions is one of the most important steps to reduce the appearance of scars. But, in addition to the technical aspects of a meticulous closure, the post-operative scar management process significantly affects the appearance of scars as well.

Prevent Tummy Tuck Scars

Depending on what procedure they ultimately decide to undergo, I make sure that all of my patients start a Tummy Tuck Scars treatment regimen following surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. Embrace Active Scar Defense is a scar therapy system that I recommend to all of my patients because it is the only FDA cleared scar therapy system clinically proven to offload the tension around an incision by gently holding it together to prevent the formation of excess collagen. The tension involved in the body’s natural healing process is the primary cause of raised, visible scars. The most effective way to prevent scar formation is to reduce this tension immediately after an incision is closed.

Treating Tummy Tuck Scars within six months presents the best opportunity to prevent scarring. Embrace is applied just once every 10 days. It can be worn during everyday activities, like showering or exercise. This product can be used on all skin types and people of all ages, even children! We offer it in our office to all my patients but for you who wonder where you can buy it, you can order it directly from @embracescartherapy website:

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