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Tummy Tuck Surgery with Liposuction Cost and Recovery

Published on September 11, 2017 by

Tummy Tuck Surgery with Liposuction Cost and Recovery

This young mom had a dramatic transformation after tummy tuck surgery with liposuction to the hips, flanks, and mons pubis with hernia repair.

There are many technical details in my tummy tuck surgery that I perform to get an ideal result. I keep my incisions super low and thin so women can hide them under almost any underwear or bikini bottom.  I place special tacking sutures to contour the abdomen and create a beautiful “innie” belly button, and contour the abdomen to create a subtle “abs” and keep it from having that flat tummy tuck look that makes it obvious someone had surgery.  It’s all about the details!


——- Tummy Tuck Cost and Recovery ———

? Price: $13,000-15,000 depending on complexity plus additional $1500-2000 per area of liposuction.

? Anesthesia: General

OR time: average 4-5 hours

? Recovery: Prescription pain meds average 3-4 days, Must walk bent over for 1-2 weeks.  Some patients return to work after 1 week.

? Exercise: OK to walk right away.  After 2 weeks, intense cardio, 4 weeks most exercise except abs, 6-8 weeks no restrictions

Call (310)858-8808 to schedule a consultation.  Consultations are $500 and go towards any procedure.

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