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Complex Revision Liposuction and Implant Removal

This patient had previous liposuction from another surgeon which resulted in irregularities and indentations of her abdomen and arms. She also has capsular contracture of her right breast implant placed by another surgeon resulting in significant discomfort and asymmetry. I will be performing a revision by harvesting fat from her upper and mid back, removing the irregular lumps, breaking up


September 18, 2017

Tummy Tuck Surgery with Liposuction

This young mom had a dramatic transformation after tummy tuck surgery with liposuction to the hips, flanks, and mons pubis with hernia repair. There are many technical details in my tummy tuck surgery that I perform to get an ideal result. I keep my incisions super low and thin so women can hide them under almost any underwear or bikini


September 11, 2017

Liposuction with Brazillian Butt Lift

When it comes to Brazillian Butt Lift, it’s not always about trying to create an oversized butt. Many of my patients don’t want a huge butt, but rather an improvement in their shape and proportions. For this patient, liposuction of the back, hips and flanks, and outer thighs with fat transfer to the butt – Brazillian Butt Lift – focusing


September 4, 2017

Arm Revision Liposuction

Revision liposuction of the arms, liposuction of the upper and mid back, fat grafting to arm dents. This patient had previous liposuction of her arms by another surgeon which was performed extremely irregularly. She has a large chunk of fat of the upper arm creating a shelf and then an oversuctioned scooped out section. I will be revising the arms


August 28, 2017

Revision Liposuction with Fat Grafting

Although much of my practice is cosmetic, 20% of it I consider to be reconstructive or bringing back a patient to normal after disfigurement.  As many of you have seen on Snapchat, I perform a lot of revision liposuction procedures with fat grafting. Liposuction is more than just removing fat – it is also about reshaping and creating a natural and


August 21, 2017

Working out after surgery

Working Out After Surgery

Many patients ask me when they can workout after surgery. Although the exact time frame varies slightly from surgery to surgery, there are some general guidelines. Patients should start light walking immediately after surgery – nothing strenuous, just short walks around the room or home every other hour. This is good for the circulation and helps prevent blood clots. After


December 9, 2016

Gummy bear implants

Many people are confused about what the gummy bear implant is. Gummy bear implants are form stable silicone gel implants. They are shaped, textured implants that retain their shape even if the implant shell is broken. The gel is so firm it actually feels solid – like a gummy bear. These were FDA approved in 2013. This is different from


October 3, 2016

butt lift

All You Need to Know About BBL

As a woman, I know the importance of having a full buttocks for the overall contour and proportion to the body. A Brazilian Butt Lift involves a natural fat transfer to the buttocks. In contrast to buttocks implants, your own fat is soft, natural feeling, and won’t shift overtime like many implants do. Because a Brazilian Butt Lift is combined


September 26, 2016

The Road to My ‘Glamorous’ Career

It takes a lot of unglamorous work on the road to a glamorous career.” Since it’s Monday and following my IG tradition, I love starting it off with some inspiration with the hope that it may help at least one person get through the week with whatever they are doing or going through. Since so many people tell me that


September 19, 2016

Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision surgeries are some of the most challenging surgeries I perform. Often times my patients present with recurrent scar tissue (capsular contracture) making the breasts hard and painful, asymmetry, the implants falling into the armpit because the original pocket was too big, or bottoming out – the implant falling down onto the abdominal skin. Each patient must be


September 14, 2016

Do Your Research Before You Pick Your Plastic Surgeon

Happy Monday. This is a very important post so please take a moment to read it. Plastic Surgery like any other surgery is very serious and nothing that should be taken for granted just because it is elective surgery. A huge percentage of the procedures I perform are revisions from earlier surgeries performed by other surgeons. Revisions are more complex


September 12, 2016

Leave Taylor Swift alone!

Recently, Taylor Swift has been seen sporting a larger bust-line. There’s speculation that she got breast augmentation. I think people and the media should leave Taylor Swift alone about her possible breast augmentation surgery. Breast surgery is very personal and no woman wants to admit they are flat-chested or talk about bra padding they may or may not use. Breast


July 27, 2016

Meg Ryan – Filler Overkill?

Meg Ryan was a presenter at the Tony Awards this week, and her “new look” upset many viewers. The 54-year-old Ryan introduced a performance by the cast of “She Loves Me.” Twitter immediately exploded with criticism over her appearance and speculation about what kind of work she’d had done. As a woman, I understand the social pressure to remain beautiful


June 22, 2016

Why do plastic surgery when you can workout?

Why do plastic surgery when you can workout? That’s a question that very often comes up in my comment feed. Plastic Surgery is never a replacement for diet and exercise and I always encourage patients to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of my patients actually are more motivated to diet and exercise after having work done because they feel more


June 1, 2016

Plastic Surgeon

How to Become a Plastic Surgeon

I get many DMs and emails asking me how to become a plastic surgeon. Although there are many ways to get there, here are the basic steps. First, you must complete four years of college. You can major in anything, but there are certain Pre-med classes you have to take (Biology, Physics, Organic Chemistry, etc.), and getting a high MCAT


March 8, 2016

Laser skin resurfacing

Get Instagram-Ready Skin with Laser Treatments

Studies show that aesthetic procedures are on the rise for the Instagram generation. More and more people are looking for a way to get that perfect selfie, and beauty treatments are often their best bet. For clearer skin that’s beautiful and youthful, I often recommend laser skin resurfacing. I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite Instacelebrity getting a laser treatment somewhere


February 29, 2016

Breast Reduction Beverly Hills

Ariel Winter Thrilled About Her Breast Reduction Results

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter is enjoying a much-improved quality of life ever since she got her breast reduction. Ariel had felt self-conscious about her oversized breasts and had been frequently experiencing a great deal of pain because of them. Ariel’s not alone in these type of symptoms. Women with excessively large breasts frequently come into my office complaining of


February 9, 2016

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Announces Her 40DD Bra Size with Pregnancy!

A few days ago, pregnant Chrissy Teigen opened up about all the changes her body has been going through with her pregnancy. She said that her breasts were now a 40DD and her nipples were “all kinds of weird.” As any mom knows, pregnancy does change the breasts (they usually get huge). Then, in the post-pregnancy phase, with or without


January 18, 2016

Perfect Side Boob

What Creates the Perfect Side Boob?

When discussing breast augmentation with my patients, one of the considerations is “side boob.” Side boob isn’t a medical term, but it is referring to the slight extension of the breast past the anterior axillary line – the vertical line drawn down from the armpit crease. It’s the extra show of breast curve you can see in bikinis, tank tops,


December 30, 2015

Genital surgery

Goodbye Camel Toe, Hello Designer Vagina

Fashion trends have gone towards tighter and more revealing clothing. More and more women spend a lot of time in leggings, workout pants, or tight capris as part of their daily wear. Because even the smallest contour fullness can be visible in these clothes, there has been an increase in popularity in procedures to make the groin area flat and


December 14, 2015


Liposuction – Not Just for Iggy Azalea

Hollywood star Iggy Azalea has been recently spotted going in for a cosmetic procedure speculated to be liposuction. Even for stars like her, cosmetic procedures like liposuction can be a big help in taking away and shaping pockets of fat. Even if you aren’t a pop star, you may be struggling with your shape or pockets of fat that just


November 13, 2015

The Plastic Surgery Consultation

The Plastic Surgery Consultation – why it’s important and why it’s not free

The first step when you are thinking of having plastic surgery is the consultation. The consultation is when you first meet with your surgeon, discuss the the things you want to fix or the surgeries you are considering. When people call into the office, some of them wonder why the consultation isn’t free, why it takes almost an hour, and


November 5, 2015

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation – One size doesn’t fit all!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients choose to undergo breast augmentation. As one of the most popular procedures performed, breast augmentation offers patients an opportunity to achieve the body of their dreams. I personally had breast augmentation about 15 years ago and remember wishing I had done it sooner. I remember before my surgery, always having to wear padded


October 29, 2015

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery – Do it for yourself!

A recently published study has revealed that nearly a quarter of Americans are interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery. Therefore, if you are considering getting “work” done – there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Let’s face it! We live in a world where we are often judged by our appearance, so it can be a major boost to


October 23, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery – Breast Augmentation

The most beautiful people in the world – and even the most beautiful people I know – have to put in quite a bit of work to care for their appearance. I read recently that Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, underwent breast augmentation. Even for women as beautiful as she is, cosmetic surgery can help achieve aesthetic goals. Breast


September 4, 2015

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